WITCH in the WOODS Summer Essentials

In-balance: SUN + FUN, vigorous exercise, sweat, swimming, trimming, beach, eat light

Imbalance: hiding inside, shy, afraid to play, over-serious, over eating, fainthearted


Seaweed Foraging

My favorite summertime activity to do is seaweed harvesting!  Typically in June, when the tide is negative and the rocks are exposed.  A simple recipe for pickled seaweed: A mason jar filled with seaweed cystoseira, 2/3 ACV, 1/3 soy sauce or tamari, 2 tablespoons sesame oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, onion, ginger.

Pressed Flowers

With so many amazing flowers around, it’s nice to preserve some of them using a flower press.  There are beautiful handmade flower presses available on ETSY, but here is a link for a DIY flower press.  My new favorite project to do with pressed flowers is to put them in hanging wall frames.         Great for the kids too!


Floral Ice Cubes

Making your own ice cubes for summer cocktails is also not a bad idea!  I like to use the colossal ice cube trays to add more color. Good herbs & flowers to use: Mint, lemon verbena, calendula, borage, chamomile, basil, sage, roses.  For even more color and beauty add a sprig of fresh cut rosemary or a slice of dried grapefruit to your drink.  If you want to use flowers but not sure what is edible, I have seen and edible flower pack in the herb section at safeway.