Nesting Bouquets


Providing nesting bouquets for the birds in early spring is a fun way to attract birds to your yard.  Collect natural materials and fibers such as alpaca hair or dog hair, lavender or rosemary sprigs, small twigs, usnea, cattails, feathers and moss.   You can also use natural twine, just be sure to cut pieces 2 inches or shorter to avoid entanglement.  Gently tuck them in so that they are easy for the birds to pull out and carry back to their nests.  Pack all the materials into a wire suet, willow ball, grape vines or hanging terrarium. 

This is especially useful for birds like Robins and Sparrows that build woven nests.  Be sure to use only natural materials.  No synthetics, plastics, dryer lint (crumbles when wet) This is a great project to do with the kids!

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