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Fresh & Clean Herbal Sanitizer

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Protect yourself and your family with Witch in the Woods herbal sanitizer. Made with a 65% grain alcohol base alongside witch hazel, lavender and locally extracted propolis to lend antibacterial and antimicrobial power to this sanitizing spray. It can be used safely on the hands and body as well as hard surfaces and most fabrics. Great mask spray!  

Botanical Blend

Grain Alcohol: High alcohol content can be used as a disinfectant, household cleaner and air freshener.

Propolis Extract: Our propolis extract is made in house from local Humboldt Honey Bees. Propolis contains powerful antibacterial properties. Propolis Resin acts as the protective mortar to their hive. The word "Propolis," derived from Greek, means “defense of the city.” It’s a brown, sticky wax coating made from the plant resin gathered by the bees that, when mixed with the bees’ saliva, smoothes the internal walls to provide a barrier from parasites, bacteria, and fungus. Human use of propolis dates back to 300 BC


Spray liberally on any surface which needs disinfecting or cleaning. 


Grain Alcohol, Witch Hazel*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Propolis Extract, Lavender essential oil*, Peppermint essential oil*

*Certified organic ingredient 


2oz / 60ml

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