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Honey Sugar Scrub

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Witch in the Woods Honey Sugar Scrub is a sweet addition to your skincare routine. Formulated with a rich honey base to hydrate, brighten and deeply nourish the skin. Natural, extra fine exfoliants of walnut shell powder and raw organic sugar help to detoxify and promote circulation, while chamomile powder and colloidal oatmeal work to calm and soothe. Use it on your face and parts of the body in need of extra love for silky smooth results.

Botanical Blend

Local Honey: Local wildflower honey exerts emollient, humectant, soothing effects. One of nature's most gentle and well-rounded ingredients. A humectant that balances hydration by either increasing moisture or absorbing excess oil. It contains key minerals, vitamins, antioxidants to restore vitality to the skin. Naturally anti-bacterial to support breakouts and congestion.  

Walnut Shell Powder and Organic Sugar provide gentle exfoliation and promotes circulation. 


    Moisten face. With clean hands scoop a small amount in between fingertips and glide and massage over face to buff away dead skin cells. Let sit for 1-2 minutes for more intensive moisturization. Rinse. 

    Pro Tip: Leave on longer for a hydrating facial mask. Use as a lip scrub for dry, cracked lips.

    If your mask solidifies in the jar, it is normal raw honey crystallization. The honey will soften once it touches the skin. You can soften the honey by placing your jar into a shallow water bath with the lid on tightly. 


    Local Wildflower Honey, extra fine Walnut Shell powder, fine Cane Sugar*, colloidal oats*, chamomile powder*, jojoba oil*, vegetable glycerin*, licorice root extract*, essential oils of lemon* and peppermint*

    *certified organic ingredient 


    4 fl oz / 120 ml

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