Botanical Salve

  • $30.00

Witch in the Woods Botanical Salve is made with botanically infused oils, butters, extracts, and pure essential oils that are specific to treating cuts, stings, bites, bruises & dry skin.


  • Naturally soothes and protects dry and damaged skin
  • Hydrating
  • Nourishing 


Propolis extract:  Our made in house propolis extract is from local  humboldt honey bees.  Contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties helpful in wound care.     
Yarrow:  We responsibly wildcraft our yarrow each year from the salty mountains of the redwood coast.  Yarrow is an excellent homostatic and contains anti inflammatory, astringent and mild disinfectant properties.  

Calendula: Locally sourced calendula is excellent for treating wounds, speeding up the healing process and reducing scarring.

With clean hands, gently massage evenly onto the troubled area. 

Chamomile*, lavender*, calendula*, wildcrafted yarrow, roses*, sweet almond oil*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, local honey & beeswax & propolis, vitamin E*, essential oils of rosemary* & lavender*
*certified organic ingredient
2 oz / 60 mL