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Organic Herbal Hair Cream- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Cream- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Serum- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Serum- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Cream- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Cream- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Serum- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Hair Serum- Witch In The Woods

Herbal Hair Elixir

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New! Witch in the Woods Hair Elixir is an amalgamation of different herbal ingredients that stimulate hair growth, add shine and protection to your locks to keep them healthy. This is a collaboration with Ashley from IG @fri.see! If you don't already follow Ashley, she shares knowledge on curly hair styling and maintenance. She empowers others with curly hair to embrace their natural texture and find healthy routines to cultivate the best curls. 

This hair oil is ready to use as a pre wash, hair mask, anti-frizz serum and scalp moisturizer. The all natural ingredients stimulate growth and thickness, soothes dry and itchy scalps, and revitalizes dull hair. This applies to beards just as much as it does to the hair on your head, and is a great tool for men wanting to stop beard itch and maintain healthy beard hair. 


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In Tune with the Moon

Organic Botanical Milk Bath- Witch In The Woods

New Moon Milk Bath

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Attune to the cycles of the Moon with Witch in the Woods New Moon Milk Bath. A soothing blend of plant milks, salts, clays and herbs that gently detoxify and nourish the skin, while leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, soft, and connected to self. 

Our milk baths are made with herbs ruled the Moon. Ritual bathing with the Moon can helps us to feel more connected and aligned with the natural cycles. To read more in depth about ritual bathing check out our blog: Make it a ritual: Magick by the Moon

Start by preparing yourself by making tea made with herbs that support you in what you need during this time. Make enough tea for sipping and pouring into the bath.

Take some time to prepare a bath for yourself, in the same way you would if you were trying to make it extra special for someone you love.

Light candles, grab a crystal and sprinkle in our New Moon Milk Bath. Stir clockwise with intention. This infuses the bath with good energy, herbs and salts for cleansing and nourishment. Immerse yourself into your watery throne

Get still like the deep dark waters of the New Moon. This is a safe space to nourish the part of ourselves that has been depleted, though acceptance. If we can step into the void, willingly, and embrace uncertainty, we can start to let go of the things that are weighing us down. It is in the heart of the rich darkness, where you will plant your seeds.

Soak long, soak beautifully.

Epsom salt, coconut milk powder*, pink salt*, oatstraw*▽, lavender*, butterfly pea flower*, coconut activated charcoal*, mugwort extract**, lavender essential oil*, clary sage essential oil*

Locally sourced

Herb of the Season


Nettle is ruled by the sign of Aries, which is the spark of fire! Aries is impulsive, hot, and the vital force is moving up and out just like we see at the beginning of the spring season. Readily available during this time, it is the perfect plant medicine for us. We harvest all of our Nettle during Aries season, on its planetary day for deep intention and to capture the plant's astrological magick ✨

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