Ritual Facial Bundle
Ritual Facial Bundle
Ritual Facial Bundle
Ritual Facial Bundle

Ritual Facial Bundle

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A set of our much beloved facial care products 


Clay Mask: Cleans, detoxifies and gently exfoliates the skin. Made with botanicals and clays that reduce existing blemishes and brings balance to all skin types

Step 1: Clay Mask: Combine 1-2 tbsp with 1 tsp water (or activator of choice) until a paste is formed and let steep for a minute or two. Paint onto face, neck and chest. Keep the mask hydrated to prevent it from drying out completely. Remove with warm water or a warm washcloth

Step 2: Botanical Facial Toner: Mist on clean skin or over makeup to keep skin dewy and fresh throughout the day. Mist a halo around you and breathe in deeply for aromatherapy benefits during times of stress and overwhelm

Step 3: Facial Serum: After toning and while skin is still damp, warm 1-2 pumps in hands and gently press into face, neck and chest. Also works great as an oil cleanser and makeup remover

Step 4: Hydrating Face Cream: Apply a pea size amount to dampened skin. Most beneficial for dry/sun damaged/mature skin

Locally sourced


Wildcrafted with Care

Many of the ingredients in our products are wildcrafted meaning that we have harvested them from nature in a way which respects the environment and the plant's ability to propagate into the future.

Learn more about the plants in our Herbarium.