Organic Herbal Facial Set- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Facial Set- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Facial Set- Witch In The Woods
Organic Herbal Facial Set- Witch In The Woods

Ritual Facial Bundle

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Transform your skincare routine into a RITUAL ✨ Behold the Ritual Facial Bundle! A sacred collection of of our beloved facial care products that will enchant and bewitch your skin.

This collection is infused with magick and includes full sizes of our clay mask, toner, serum and face cream to bring out your inner radiance. Its transformative powers are recommended for dry skin, dull skin, troubled skin, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles and mature skin 

Allow this Ritual Facial Bundle to guide you on a journey of self-love and self-care, as you unveil the luminous beauty that lies within. 

Step 1: Clay Mask: Combine 1-2 tbsp with 1 tsp water (or activator of choice) until a paste is formed and let steep for a minute or two. Paint onto face, neck and chest. Keep the mask hydrated to prevent it from drying out completely. Remove with warm water or a warm washcloth

Step 2: Botanical Facial Toner: Mist on clean skin or over makeup to keep skin dewy and fresh throughout the day. Mist a halo around you and breathe in deeply for aromatherapy benefits during times of stress and overwhelm

Step 3: Facial Serum: After toning and while skin is still damp, warm 1-2 pumps in hands and gently press into face, neck and chest. Also works great as an oil cleanser and makeup remover

Step 4: Hydrating Face Cream: Apply a pea size amount to dampened skin. Most beneficial for dry/sun damaged/mature skin

Witches, know that every ingredient in our products is co created with nature. There are no synthetic chemicals or harsh toxins here, for we honor the earths wisdom of using only natural ingredients that are in harmony with our natural bodies. Each herb, flower, and essential oil is carefully selected and enchanted with love, bringing forth the healing energies of Mother Nature to nourish your skin and spirit. With every use, you embrace the power of natural alchemy, as you connect with nature and unleash your inner radiance.

Clay Mask: French green clay, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, colloidal oatmeal, lavender powder*, calendula powder*, fennel powder*, essential oil of lavender*

Facial Toner: Witch Hazel*, Rose hydrosol*, aloe vera*, vegetable glycerin*, fermented radish root, essential oils of rose geranium* & ylang ylang*

Facial Serum: Jojoba oil*, Rosehip seed oil*, Moroccan Argan oil*, Vitamin E Oil, Essential oil of Geranium Rose*

Face Cream: Witch hazel extract* Geranium rose hydrosol*, Aloe Vera gel*, Shea Butter*, Calendula* Roses* Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil*, Beeswax, Vegetable Glycerin, Radish Root Ferment, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E, essential oils of Rose Geranium*, Helichrysum*, Ylang Ylang*

Our commitment to truth and transparency is as potent as our love for the earth. We believe in the power of knowledge and the magic of transparency, for we honor your right to know every ingredient that touches your skin and soul. Our products are crafted with integrity and imbued with the highest vibrations of honesty, so you can trust that every ingredient listed is one that we stand behind. We invite you to explore the depths of our enchanted ingredients and embrace the power of informed choices, for we believe that transparency is the key to unlocking the ancient wisdom of the earth and the sacred alchemy of beauty.

Locally sourced

Clay Mask 2 oz , Toner 2 oz , Face Cream 2 oz , and Serum 1 oz

Wildcrafted with Care

Many of the ingredients in our products are wildcrafted meaning that we have harvested them from nature in a way which respects the environment and the plant's ability to propagate into the future.

Learn more about the plants in our Herbarium.