• Wild Pesto

    Spring is here and we continue to gain a little more daylight everyday! These cool, crisp sunny days feel really good coming out of the long winter and what better way to celebrate spring than to gather some nettle! There may be other spring herbs popping up too. Look out for dandelion flowers, c...
  • Clay Mask: See, Touch, Feel

    Our Clay Mask comes "unactivated" out of the jar. This means that you're able to customize it to your own skin using different ingredients such as: Water, ACV, yogurt or teas to activate the mask. Learn how to best use the mask according to your skin type and rituals to incorporate into your self-care routine.
  • Tea Leaf Reading

    Tasseomancy Tea leaf reading also known as Tasseomancy is a time honored method of powerful divination. This lighthearted art is accessible to anyone and doesn't require anything more than a cup of tea and your intuition. Tea leaf reading has a dynamic history, following the trade routes of tea d...