• Fall Solstice Fire Cider

    Celebrate Fall with this very loved herbal folk remedy.
  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils Essential oils are truly a gift from nature. Smell is one if the most visceral senses in the human experience.  In an instant can transport us to a different time, place and even change our mood.  But most of us don't know how to use essential oils beyond aromatherapy.  Essential ...
  • Elderberry Kombucha Tea

    Kombucha is a healthy carbonated probiotic drink. Slightly sour, fermented and loaded with beneficial bacteria to aid in healthy digestion and boost overall health.  This recipe adds the much loved elderberry syrup to provide a sweet flavor that is nutritious too.  Elderberries are excellent for supporting the immune system and flavoring your homemade kombucha with elderberry syrup makes this a highly medicinal beverage wonderful to have on hand.