• Elderberry Kombucha Tea

    Kombucha is a healthy carbonated probiotic drink. Slightly sour, fermented and loaded with beneficial bacteria to aid in healthy digestion and boost overall health.  This recipe adds the much loved elderberry syrup to provide a sweet flavor that is nutritious too.  Elderberries are excellent for supporting the immune system and flavoring your homemade kombucha with elderberry syrup makes this a highly medicinal beverage wonderful to have on hand.
  • Herbs for Chickens

    Learn about what Herbs are safe to use in your Chicken coop.
  • Seaweed Harvesting

    Learn about different seaweed varieties found in the Pacific Northwest such as: sea palm, bladderwrack, bulb kelp, sea condoms, feather boas, cystoseira, nori, turkish towel, sea lettuce, kombu, dulce and wakame. In this post we share how to identify, harvest and prepare our favorite varieties.