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Attune to the Moon

In Astrology, the Earth represents the layer and container of our physical body.  And the Moon represents the layer of our emotional body that revolves around the physical. Both intrinsically connected to one other. The health of our emotional well being depends on how well we take care of our physical bodies and vice versa.

The Moon can show us our deepest needs, inner personality, instincts, and emotional constitution. In astrology, in order to be truly happy we need to "feed our Moon". 

The Moon itself has a vibrational pull which affects tides within our ocean here on earth. This is why the Moon has such a strong connection to the water element. The water is the element that holds our memories, emotions, hopes and dreams. The Moon's vibrational pull effects the waters of earth but also affects the waters of our bodies and the tides of our emotions, which ebb and flow, always. 

This is why we work with the Moon when it comes to our emotional nature. Each cycle of the Moon reminds us we are cyclical beings always going through phases of light and dark. Engaging with the moon is a tool for self awareness and a powerful way to align with the natural rhythm.

Creating a ritual bath during the different phases of the lunar cycle is a magical way to feel connected to ourselves and the cosmos. Taking warm baths also has numerous health benefits including soothing the nervous system and aiding in restful sleep.  

The difference between a routine and a ritual is the intention. It's the difference between doing something out a habit, and making it a conscious, deliberate healing experience. Ritual bathing really sets the tone to sink in deeply and call in all the senses. 

The truth is, our bodies need these moments to slow down to deeply listen to our inner world. This allows us to access our true radiance, to become completely present in our life. When we create a safe space for ourselves to face what emotions are coming up for us and not brush them off, things are revealed to you, But we can only hear this inner voice when we are safe and present. 

Bathing with Full Moon Bath Powder and incorporating Body Oil

New Moon Magick 

During the first lunar phase of the Moon, which we call the New Moon, the moon is nestled right in between the earth and the sun. During this phase we witness only the shadowed part of the moon. She is closer to the internal planets of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, and our emotional tone is more internalized during that time.

The new Moon reflects our Winter season. The energy is cool and dark, and an invitation to burrow inwards. We have enhanced access to the dream realm. This is a time of quiet, deep restoration and visualization

We must connect with our bodies so that we can listen deeply to our inner-voice and find what our truth is in this moment. To be fully present for what is coming up for us. This is a safe space to ground and nourish the parts of ourselves that have been depleted, through acceptance. If we can step into void, willingly, and embrace uncertainty we can plant the seeds for what we want to create, and let go of the thoughts that block us from getting there. 

If we’re consistent with following the moon phases, the moon becomes our accountability partner in reminding us to look at the things we want to manifest and make the changes necessary to bring them to fruition. So gather all your intentions and release them into the universe!

New Moon Bath Powder from Witch in the Woods Botanicals

Make it a New Moon Ritual 

New Moon energy is new energy! One of the ways I like to make way for new moon energy is cleansing my space. Dust off the altar, open the windows, sweep and mop the floor with a herbal floor wash, cleanse your space with herbs (sage, palo santo)  to ward off stagnant or unwanted energy. Cleansing both physically and energetically will make space for a new kind of energy to come in. I like to deep clean my bathtub in preparation for my new moon bath.

Start off with preparing yourself with a cup of herbal tea. Choose herbs that are specific to what your body needs at the moment (nervines, hormone support). I like to make enough to sip and pour into the bath. 

Take the time to prepare yourself a beautiful ritual bath. Bathing is an intimate way to care for yourself. It symbolizes cleansing, and washing away negative energy. Light a candle, grab a crystal, and sprinkle in Witch in the Woods New Moon Milk Bath, stir in clockwise. Infuse your bath with intention and nourishing moon herbs and salts for cleansing. Immerse yourself into your watery throne. 

Take some time to reflect on the recent past. What has not been working for you? Meditate on this. Allow yourself to rest and listen to the inner callings of your mind and soul. Look into your candle and visualize the fire burning off what no longer serves you. Pay close attention to the thoughts that come up and take a moment to reflect on each one. Make a conscious choice to keep the ones that serve your highest good and are in alignment with what you truly want. 

Journaling is a powerful way to state your intentions into the physical. You can also write them down on paper and bury them in the dirt and plant them into the ground like seeds. Here are some journaling prompts for the new moon. 

How am I feeling in this moment?

What is holding me back from the things I want the most?

What do I need to let go of?

What do I wish to manifest in this next lunar cycle?

Full Moon Magick 

During the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition and we witness the moon in its bright splendor. During the Full Moon, she is closer to the external planets of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and our emotions are more easily acted out at that time.

We may feel most sensitive; energetically, spiritually, and physically speaking. The Full moon is the epitome of spiritual energy, and the time in which our intentions are being illuminated. Where the New Moon marks a beginning, the Full Moon represents the peak of the mountain we have been climbing. At this point, we can step unapologetically into that which most serves our highest potential, and fully embrace what we have been working towards. At this time, the path toward our goals is the most crystal clear. 

It is likely that you may be feeling an abundance of energy during this time because of the dynamic tension between the celestial bodies at play. Many traditional tales of folklore are full of adventures and strange things happening during the full moon. If you feel the extra energy during this time (trouble sleeping, nightmares, anxiety)  find an outlet to release some. You may want to have a full moon gathering, attend an evening yoga class, or even go for a run or swim to help yourself feel more grounded. 

Make it a Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon energy is powerful energy and a chance to charge and cleanse the tools you work with.  Placing these objects under the Full Moon can help them absorbs this activation energy. Full Moon water is an ultimate ally in capturing vibrational energy. Allow the water to absorb the energy of the moon. Moon water can then be incorporated into your bath, drink, recipes etc. I love to charge my water based products like toners and hydrosols under the light of the Moon. Another idea is to make a flower essence. Place in the light of the moon, instead of the Sun.  

Carve out a little time for yourself to sloooooow down. Take some of your Moon water and make yourself a cup of herbal tea. Light a candle, grab your crystal, and sprinkle in Witch in the Woods Full Moon Bath Milk. Stir in counterclockwise to infuse your bath with intention and moon herbs, salts, clays to assist you in opening, receiving, and letting go. Immerse yourself into the tub.

Since the energy is high, you may feel like you want to move around. Follow your intuition and move with grace and fluidity. Give yourself a massage with our botanical body oil, do some breathwork to move energy.  

During the Full Moon is a time to pay attention to your dreams or sit in deep meditation, especially if there is something you may be stuck on or struggling with that is preventing you from moving forward. The energy of the Full Moon is very supportive for helping oneself look deep within to uncover the answers already within us. 

All of these are ideas to inspire you to reconnect to yourself. Adjust the ritual according to your preferences and make it your own! There is truly no wrong way. The true magick is your intuition. Crystals, milk baths and candles are tools that work for you.   

Full Moon Journaling Prompts

How can I embody more of what I want? 

What parts of myself do I hide from the outside world?



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