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Local botanical print
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Local botanical print

Botanical Posters

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Style Calendula

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Adorn your home with our enchanting botanical posters. Featuring Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Calendula and a whole array of botanical plants that make their appearance in our products. We were inspired to make beautiful and informative home home décor to celebrate the medicinal use of plants. 

As friends sipped their tea, they noticed a poster of flowers on the wall. One of them remarked on the beauty of the poster and mentioned how much they loved the flowers it depicted. Soon enough, they were all excitedly sharing stories about their favorite plants and their experiences with them.

One friend spoke about the elder tree they had received as a gift and how they make syrup with the berries every year. Another described the vibrant colors of their garden during the summer months, and how it had become a sanctuary for them.

The conversation flowed effortlessly, as they discussed their herbal allies and the satisfaction they got from watching them grow. They shared tips on how to use different plants, and shared stories of the magick it brought into their lives.

It was clear that for these friends, plants were not just a hobby, but a source of joy, inspiration, and connection.

Love and Magick, Colleen

A collaboration featuring original art by Megan Bishop, digitized by The Stuudiio and locally printed by James Adam Taylor

Professional matte paper (192 GSM). Archival ink.

Locally sourced

Posters measure 18" X 24" and will fit any standard poster frame or poster rails.

Wildcrafted with Care

Many of the ingredients in our products are wildcrafted meaning that we have harvested them from nature in a way which respects the environment and the plant's ability to propagate into the future.

Learn more about the plants in our Herbarium.