New Moon Candle

New Moon Candle

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Honor the cycles of the Moon with our New Moon Candle. Attuning to the Moon is an important practice in witchcraft and other magical traditions 🌑 The moon has long been associated with the divine feminine, intuition, and magic, and is often seen as a powerful source of energy and inspiration

Burning the new moon candle can serve as a physical representation to help focus your thoughts and intention on what you desire. Besides creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere, lighting candles during the new moon can act as a symbol to "burn" away negative energy during this powerful time of cleansing and renewal. 

By observing the phases of the moon and working with its energy, witches can tap into their own innate power and deepen their connection with the natural world. From setting intentions, resting and reflecting at the new moon to performing spells and rituals during the full moon, each cycle provides a powerful framework for a magical practice. You may be surprised by the profound transformations that await you on this witchy journey of self-discovery and empowerment

Note: These candles are made to order please allow 1-2 weeks for production time

New Moon: Manifesting, renewal, beginnings, initiation, planting seeds, self reflection, growth, inner work, hope, cleansing

New Moon energy is new energy! One of the ways I like to make way for new moon energy is cleansing my space. Dust off the altar, open the windows, sweep and mop the floor with a herbal floor wash. Cleansing both physically and energetically will make space for a new kind of energy to come in.

After your space is cleaned and clear, prepare yourself with a cup of herbal tea. Choose herbs that are specific to what your body needs at the moment (nervines, hormone support). Light your new moon candle and get out your journal.

Take some time to reflect on the recent past. What has not been working for you? Meditate on this. Allow yourself to rest and listen to the inner callings of your mind and soul. Look into your candle and visualize the fire "burning" away what no longer serves you. Pay close attention to the thoughts that come up and take a moment to reflect on each one. Make a conscious choice to keep the ones that serve your highest good and are in alignment with what you truly want.

Journaling is a powerful way to state your intentions into the physical. You can also write them down on paper and bury them in the dirt and plant them into the ground like seeds

For new moon journaling prompts, head over to the journal section of the website and read our blog: Make it a ritual: Magick by the Moon

Beeswax: Beeswax burns clean and doesn't produce the same soot and toxins as paraffin candles. When burned, beeswax releases negative ions that can help purify the air by neutralizing pollutants and allergens. Beeswax burns for much longer than other types of candles, due to its higher melting point and slower burn rate. This means you can enjoy the warm glow and sweet honey aroma for longer. This natural scent is gentle and soothing, and is free from any fragrance. Beeswax is also a completely natural material that is sustainably sourced from beeswax combs.

Soy Wax: First and foremost, soy wax is made from natural soybeans, which makes it a renewable and biodegradable resource. It is a sustainable option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make eco-friendly choices. Another advantage of soy wax is its clean and long burn. Soy wax candles do not produce black soot or emit harmful toxins into the air, making soy wax a healthier option for the home.

Soy wax, beeswax, activated charcoal, cotton wick, intention

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Many of the ingredients in our products are wildcrafted meaning that we have harvested them from nature in a way which respects the environment and the plant's ability to propagate into the future.

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