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Witch in the Woods Botanicals
Clay Mask Magick

Witch in the Woods unactivated clay mask is balancing, detoxifying and customizable based on your unique skin type. It can be as easy as mixing with water and applying with your hands or creating a full ritual with all the extras. Here, we will talk about all the things. Creating a cleansing ritual for yourself is more than just clean skin, it's about your relationship with your skin, being present and taking a moment to connect and ease the senses. This intentional time creates balance in and out of the body.

When we take the time to mask (ideally weekly) we remove excess sebum, bacteria and debris deep within the pores that contribute to aging. Our clay mask is made with fresh ground botanicals that nourish and gently exfoliate the skin, increasing circulation and collagen production to create a more even skin tone. By simply adding water to the mask, it activates the botanical nutrients and springs it to life. We intentionally chose to make this mask unactivated to make it as fresh as possible for your use. Masks that are preactivated lose some of their properties and oftentimes contain preservatives not favorable to the skin.

Basic Instructions: Minimalist 

To make your mask, simply add 1 tsp of clay mask to approximately 1-2 tbsp of water. Mix into a paste and allow to steep. Once ready to apply, moisten face and hands and apply gently over face, neck, chest and any other area of the body that experiences blemishes. 

Clay mask powder and water waiting to be mixed together and "activated."

Once fully applied, you will need to keep the mask hydrated to keep the nutrients active. Re-hydrate it simply water with a mask brush, fingertips, or a mister bottle of water, hydrosol or facial toner. Keeping it hydrated will prevent it from drawing oils and sebum too deeply from your skin. Rinse with warm water or a warm washcloth. Post mask, you will want to thoroughly saturate your skin with serum and/or face cream for dry skin types. 

Knowing how to tell if your mask is the right consistency depends on it's texture and how it feels.

Pictured above from left to right: Mask that has too much activator, Mask with just the right amount of activator and lastly, mask with too little activator. It's important to know what consistency to look for when mixing your mask to ensure the best possible experience. Look for a consistency close to thick yogurt, the mask should make small peaks when you touch it with your finger. 

Any unused mask may be kept refrigerated for up to 4 days.

Activating for your unique skin type:

Create a custom mask by choosing a activator specific to your skin type

Different mask activating ingredients: avocado, honey, yogurt and lemon juice

Sensitive skin: Water, chamomile tea
Dry skin: Honey, avocado, yogurt 
Oily skin: ACV, lemon juice, tea or hydrosol

I like to add a very small amount of water first to activate the water soluble botanicals in this mask, then add in the chosen activator of choice and let steep.  

For The Full Experience: Ritual, Troubled skin or Extra Love

Prepare your space by lighting a candle, turning on a diffuser with your favorite essential oil blend or smudge and breathe in the cleansing, grounding aromas.

Prepare a facial steam. Heat up a pan with very warm water, add in herbs let steep for a few minutes. Turn off heat and cover your entire head with a towel and lean over the pot of herbs. This pore opening effect prepares the skin for deep cleansing.

Use the tea to activate your mask. Let it steep while you continue to facial steam. Apply with a mask brush and paint all over the face and down the neck and chest. Pour yourself a cup of tea from your facial steam and sip while you wait. Try to remember to not let your mask dry out.

Mirror spell: Spy into the soul and experience the oldest methods of self witnessing. An act of self reflection. Take a few moments during this act of self love to gaze into your soul with intentional magic. 

Activated clay mask on face.

Other Uses and Tips:

  • Spot treatment
  • Use to calm insect bites, poison oak (activate with water only)
  • Use in the bath 

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