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Ritual Bath Bundle

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Make it a ritual with our Ritual Bath Bundle. This bundle includes a candle of your choice, new moon and full moon bath. You wont have much to do other than sink into your watery throne and focus on YOU ✨

Creating a bathing ritual helps us to connect with ourselves. Moon bathing is a reminder that we are all connected to the cycles of the Moon here on Earth. When we slow down and tune into our bodies, we can begin to understand our own personal rhythms and how they fit into the larger cycle of life

For more inspiration on making it a ritual, read our blog post here!

Once upon a time, nestled deep in the woods, there lived a witch named Luna. Luna was a solitary figure, spending most of her time communing with nature and practicing her craft. Every month, when the full moon rose in the sky, she would prepare for a sacred ritual that was deeply personal to her.

On the night of the full moon, Luna would light and candle and draw a bath and infuse it with her herbs. As she soaked in the warm water, she would meditate and let the soothing scents envelop her senses. She would imagine the moon's soft glow infusing her body and spirit with its celestial magic.

She would whisper incantations and feel the power of her words resonate within her being. The candle's light would cast a warm glow around her, illuminating the symbols and sigils carved into the walls of her hut.

For Luna, bathing with the moon and lighting her candle was a way to connect with the divine and honor the natural rhythms of the universe. It was a reminder that she was part of something greater, and that her magic was a reflection of the earth's magic.

And so, as Luna drifted off to sleep, surrounded by the comforting embrace of the forest and the gentle light of the candle, she knew that she was in harmony with the universe. For her, this was the true essence of magic - a connection to the sacred, the mysterious, and the infinite.

Epsom salts: Known as magnesium sulfate, are a powerful tool in a witch's arsenal. These sacred salts have been used for centuries to draw out toxins, soothe aching muscles, and promote relaxation. Magnesium, the key component of Epsom salts, is a vital mineral that is often deficient in modern diets. By soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath, you can replenish your body with this essential mineral and feel its magickal effects.

New Moon Botanical Blend
Mugwort: An herbal ally on your journey to self discovery. Used for centuries for its ability to induce prophetic dreams and helping to access the hidden wisdom of our subconscious mind. Mugwort can be used to facilitate lucid dreaming or astral travel and to sharpen intuition and promote creativity. Working with Mugwort during the new moon, a time of intuitive space, can open ourselves to new possibilities and create the lives we desire

Full Moon Botanical Blend
Marshmallow root: Considered the great moistener! Balancing to dry and inflamed skin, due to its cooling and emollient properties. Aside from its physical medicine, the moistening and softening attributes of Marshmallow ripple into its psychological and emotional aspects. Marshmallows soft leaves and delicate flowers, exude a gentle energy. Just as it can soften hardness in the tissues, marshmallow can soften a hardened heart and mind. Marshmallow is an herbal ally if you are feeling emotionally shut down, rigid, and exhausted. Ruled by the Moon, Marshmallow’s cooling, moistening, demulcent, and emollient effects on the mucosal membranes correspond to this planet as well. The Moon is the archetype of the Mother, and thus embodies a nurturing, gentle, and nourishing quality. Elementally, Marshmallow is ruled by water. You can also see this correspondence by its moistening effects. What better way to soak up the benefits of marshmallow than during the full moon in the water element.

New Moon Bath Milk
Epsom salt, coconut milk powder*, pink salt*, oatstraw*▽, lavender*, butterfly pea flower*, coconut activated charcoal*, mugwort extract**, lavender essential oil*, clary sage essential oil*

Full Moon Bath Milk
Epsom salt, coconut milk powder*, pink salt*, baking soda*, chamomile*, oatstraw*▽, marshmallow root*, coconut pulp C02 extract*, ylang ylang essential oil*, bergamot essential oil*

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Two- 8 oz Milk Bath (New Moon and Full Moon) & 1- 8 oz candle of your choice

Wildcrafted with Care

Many of the ingredients in our products are wildcrafted meaning that we have harvested them from nature in a way which respects the environment and the plant's ability to propagate into the future.

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