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Our wildcrafted Yarrow hydrosol is distilled from the leaves and flowers of Yarrow in Humboldt county CA. Harvested on Venus Friday during the early morning hours for maximum potency and extra magick.

Hydrosols are potent, aromatic waters that contain water soluble compounds, cellular water and essential oil. All of our seasonal hydrosols are distilled using a traditional copper alembic still with fresh plant material.


Yarrow hydrosol has a sweet, floral herbaceous aroma that makes a lovely addition to any natural skincare ritual. Use daily as a cooling, refreshing facial tonic to purify skin’s surface, quiet redness and create a more radiant complexion overall.

Yarrow is a essential part of the home apothecary. Yarrow supports the bodies innate ability to heal itself. Its cooling nature is a versatile first aid remedy for skin inflammation. An herbal ally for cuts, scrapes, burns and minor wounds and a favorite for sunburns and tattoos. Keep in the first aid kit as an antiseptic for skin trauma, itchiness including eczema and psoriasis. Useful during colds and flus when accompanied by fever, aches and pains. 

Yarrow is known as the "herb of protection" Spritz a halo around the body for boundaries. 

Mist onto clean skin, pour into the bath during the full moon or spritz on your bed pillow. Use as a ritual mist to access intentional space, promote restful sleep, quiet overactive thoughts, or as a refreshing and lightly scented body mist.

Store in the refrigerator for added potency and cooling effects.


Wildcrafted Yarrow, distilled water


2 oz / 59.1 mL

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