Herbal Holiday Garland

Posted by Colleen Bones on

Happy Yule! This year I am hosting Christmas for our family so I decided to do a couple festive projects to make it extra special. This project is super fun and simple! You just need a little inspiration and a little bit of time.


First I dehydrated some oranges. I used a dehydrator, but if you don't have one you can do it in the oven (200 degrees, bake 2-4 hours, turn every 45 min).  Next you want to get outside and collect some natural materials. We recently had a really big storm and there were so many fallen redwood, cypress and Douglas fir branches. Lots of fallen Usnea as well. The invasive Cotoneaster is beautiful during this time and you never have to feel bad about cutting that back. I also added some cinnamon sticks and these red wooden beads I had laying around. Some other ideas: Pine cones, dried herbs, dried apple slices. Just string it or tie it up to some twine and hang by a window or doorway.  


Happy Yule!










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