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Herbal Broomstick

| Colleen Bones

Herbal Broomstick

DIY Rosemary Witch Broom

In the spirit of Samhain, I thought it would be fun to make a Rosemary Witch Broom. This simple and adorable DIY project takes very little time. 
You will need:
  • A thick, straight-ish fallen branch  
  • Fresh cut Rosemary
  • Jute twine

This is pretty self explanatory, but lay the branch about halfway down on the Rosemary. Start wrapping with twine tightly around, making sure the Rosemary is distributed around the branch evenly.  

Get creative with your Witch Broom!  Use driftwood or a variety of herbs instead. If you hang your broom near the kitchen you can use the herbs as they dry for cooking.

Happy Samhain!


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